Meet Alyssa

Meet Alyssa

Meet Alyssa, Rockee Redd’s Affiliate Manager. She maintains our affiliate & ambassador programs, and is your primary contact if you have interest in becoming apart of the RR team from wherever you are!

Alyssa has a huge passion for all things holistic and natural. She owns a home across the country in the New England area where she lives with her three fur babies. Health became her main focus in 2017.

August of 2017, Alyssa was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. She was able to successfully find a way out of her diagnosis, holistically. After three years on medicine of manmade thyroid hormone, she took matters into her own hands and reached an optimal health transformation from consuming healthy foods, body movement and positive mindset.

She owns a hair salon and is a part time stylist. After being in the industry for 9 years, she has decided to use her voice on social media to share something beyhone hair: HEALTH. Being savvy on social media, having the love that she does for Rockee Redd and her passion for health like all of us crazies, she's the perfect fit for our Rockee Redd team.

Alyssa loves hiking with her dogs, enjoys spending time with her extended family, always says yes to sushi dates and likes working out as she was a competitive gymnast for a decade in her younger years.


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Hi! Love what your company stands for. I have been a stylist for 17 years. I opened my own salon in 2011. I determined early on I wanted to be different and offer something different so I have used the most organic colors on the marked for the last 11 years. Other than my passion for being a follower of Christ, loving my family. I have a heart for Holistic. Would love to have more info on how to be affiliated.

Amy Hagan

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