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Lil’ Lyle Sunblock—Small

Lil’ Lyle Sunblock—Small

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We cannot keep this in stock! Thank you guys! All Lil’ Lyle sunblocks for the time being are Pre-Sale only and will ship out within 7 business days from date of your order being placed. Thank you for your patience and support! If you’d like to follow along the Lil’ Lyle journey follow along on Instagram
-Anderson (sunblock creator | 9 years old) 

Lil’ Lyle Kids is brought to you by kidpreneur siblings Anderson, Dallas & Viviana. They’re passion is taking ideas to the next level to create products to better your mind, health & life.

Lil’ Lyle Sunblock was created by Anderson, a blue eyed eight year old red head old boy passionate about finding a solution to his frequent sunburns despite his best efforts. Anderson was excited to create an effective sunscreen to act as both a sunblock AND after sun relief all in one. This eliminates the need to buy aloe Vera or other post sun products and leaves you feeling peace of mind having left the house with just a bottle of Lil’ Lyle sunblock. All ingredients were carefully researched and are all organically sourced. This bottle is over double the average amount of sunblock you get from the store so you can rest assured you won’t run out anytime soon! Great for all skin types. It’s hydrating, covers a broad UV spectrum that protects even the fairest skin tones from getting burned & is water resistant for all your summer fun. 

All proceeds go directly to the siblings who are the founders of Lil’ Lyle Co. to help them save and fund a bright future. More products coming from them soon. Follow the journey @Lil.Lyle.Kids 

100% organic Ingredients 

Hand harvested African shea butter, cold pressed unrefined coconut oil, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed avocado oil, silk amino acids, non-nano zinc oxide, cold pressed raspberry seed oil, cold pressed borage seed oil, cold pressed carrot seed oil, lavender essential oil, aloe vera 



Apply to skin every 60-90 mins or as needed.
Great for after sun use if you don’t use it as a sunscreen. 


4 fl oz. 
($6.22 / Fl oz) 


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