Meet Natalie

Meet Natalie

Natalie was born and raised in Cache Valley and resides there with her husband Rusty and five littles. She has had the opportunity to live in California, Texas and Mexico and from time to time visits her extended family in Colombia. She’s always found her way back home and has no plans of moving away again. She dreams of buying the family farm, building her dream home and putting down some roots with a full farm co-op and add to their already existing homestead and small cattle ranch. If you could find Natalie anywhere it would be the ocean and the mountains. As a former food blogger she loves cooking from scratch, spending time in nature, getting her hands in the dirt and constantly adventuring on a whim with her children. She adores short getaways with her other half and snowboarding during the Utah winters.  

Natalie has an extensive background in well versed work environments; from waiting tables at local restaurants, lifeguarding, working in the medical field, and becoming a banker. In the last decade Natalie’s entrepreneurial spirit has flourished! After having twins in 2015 she immediately started a food blog. That transitioned into potting succulents and creating plant arrangements, to sign making, a spray tan technician  and she was even a birth story photographer! She LOVES the constant uptick of business and mindset mastery and looks at it as a game of improvement against your best self. She’s the owner of Willow Peach Bath Co, and enjoys her hobby business of 10 years  working as a designer for new builds and renovations. 

She is a sound healer, homeschool mama and self mastery and business coach. Her main focus includes Rockee Redd, Willow Peach Bath Co and Mentoring idea masters or current business owners through her program and strategizing 1:1 with her students.

The common factor in all that she does is helping others. She loves encouraging people to work towards achieving bigger goals than what they initially set for themselves and she cheers them on through their endeavors. She aims to deliver exceptional care & customer service in a world where that heavily lacks and loves meeting and connecting with people from all walks of life.  

In 2016 Natalie experienced the beginning of her journey with vulvar lichen sclerosus, a rare autoimmune disease that took nearly two years to diagnose. She saw several doctors from Logan, to Salt Lake and as far as Bogota Colombia to finally learn what she was suffering from. After two doctors took extensive time with her to explain the disease and treatment for it, she made MAJOR life changes overnight. The long and short of it: diet and nutrition, as well as soaps, lotions and clothing materials heavily impacted her body’s response to how they interacted with her skin. Her understanding of this created a domino effect & almost overnight lifestyle change for her as she became more aware of the effects foods and products consumed have on the human body. She transitioned to becoming a self-taught herbalist and made remedies such as yoni steam blends and natural lubricants to help support her body through healing from her disease. This, and other changes such as sourcing food properly, understanding ingredients and making things like her own laundry detergent assisted the changes she made to improve her families health and well being over almost ten years. Natalie’s hope is to instill this level of awareness and the desire to apply the ‘know better, do better’ approach in others so they can be sovereign over their health and livelihood. Rockee Redd is her passion project and gift to share with the world. Products here were created and first used by her and Christina’s families and are now carried on to help YOU. 

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