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At Rockee Redd Apothecary, we're committed to simplifying your journey to a healthier, more natural lifestyle. We challenge the idea that health should be complicated and offer clean, sustainable, organic products for your everyday health needs. Our mission is to reconnect humanity with the Earth by responsibly sourcing nature's gifts to enhance your well-being. We empower you with natural remedies and knowledge-sharing, simplifying your path to holistic wellness.

Co-Founders & CEO's

Rockee Redd Co-Founders

Locks of Success: How Hair Talk Sparked a Thriving Health & Wellness Empire Between Two Moms

It was a serendipitous meeting when Natalie and Christina first crossed paths, brought together by Natalie seeking doula services from Christina which was followed by also hiring her as her hair stylist. Little did they know that this initial connection would eventually blossom into a remarkable partnership, giving birth to Rockee Redd, a flourishing apothecary business in Cache Valley, Utah. 

After Natalie’s previous doula moved unexpectedly halfway through her fourth pregnancy, she sought Christina's doula services and soon after, Christina also became her hair stylist. Through the chair chatter, the two quickly discovered that they shared a background in entrepreneurship. Over the course of 1.5 years, they often found themselves casually discussing the idea of starting a business together. Natalie even joked about the idea of Christina moving a couple of hours north to Cache Valley where Natalie lived. 

Then one day, everything changed. Christina messaged Natalie, sharing her plans to travel to Preston, Idaho, to explore potential homes for her family and dream to start a homestead. However, her visit to Preston didn't live up to her expectations, and she was left feeling disappointed. As she and her husband were traveling back to their home, Christina decided to call Natalie, who, with her real estate expertise and connections to those in that realm, encouraged Christina to consider a nearby listing in the area of Paradise, Utah before embarking on the long drive back home. 

Taking Natalie's advice, Christina ventured to Paradise, and it was a revelation. She was captivated by the beauty of the area, which perfectly aligned with her vision for her family's future. Excitedly, she expressed to Natalie that she knew Paradise was where she wanted to put down roots. 

Christina wasted no time; she listed her house, which sold within a week. Natalie, being the resourceful local she was, helped Christina find a rental property, storage unit and other accommodations while they started preparations to list their home and leave. Christina moved with her family to the Logan area in just two short weeks. She started doing hair and filling her books with friends of Natalie’s and things seemed to be going well. 

After three weeks of living in Cache Valley, Christina reached out to Natalie with an invitation to dinner, intending to revisit their previous discussions about starting a business together under Christina's freelance hobby shop, Rockee Redd. Christina had set up a sale on her website just before dinner, and her phone was constantly pinging with notifications. Natalie, always one to see the bigger picture, pointed out that high-volume retail sales weren't an everyday occurrence. Christina confessed that in her recent entrepreneurial endeavors, she had dabbled in various merchandise to sell, but her real passion lay elsewhere.

This sparked a creative conversation, and they began brainstorming how they could leverage their knowledge of herbalism to create a unique business that offered organic and natural products. It was during this dinner that the idea of Rockee Redd apothecary was born. With the help of Christina’s friend and mentor, she had just come up with a sore throat and cough honey to offer her son who was sick and couldn’t alleviate his symptoms with things like Tylenol or ibuprofen because he was allergic to RED40.  

Natalie and Christina combined their strengths and started by crafting herbal-infused honey. They soon expanded to create goat milk lotion and soaps in 2021 and sourced them from Christina’s friend, Alicia. They had a goal to retire Alicia from her other jobs so she could do what she really loved - solely produce lotions, salves, and soap. The response from the community was overwhelming, and it quickly became apparent that they were outgrowing the confines of Christina's townhouse. They moved their operations to Natalie's home office, but even that space proved too small within three months. 

Though their goal to retire Alicia was getting close, she suddenly passed away in January 2022. Prior to her passing and while in the hospital, Alicia reached out to Christina and asked that if she passed, if Christina would become the caregiver of her small Nigerian Dwarf goat herd. Christina accepted and within the week Alicia sadly passed away. Natalie, having grown up on a small goat farm, was excited about the new opportunity and also found humor in the fact that life had come full circle as she disliked that part of her upbringing. Natalie and Christina’s husbands built a goat shed and pen and moved the herd, along with Alicia’s inventory that was inherited, to Rockee Redd.

In February 2022, Natalie and Christina took the leap and secured a 100-square-foot boutique space in Providence, Utah to accommodate their growing apothecary. However, their ambition and the demand for their products continued to surge, and within a month, they expanded into an adjacent room. Rockee Redd was on the move again, and their momentum showed no signs of slowing down.

In May 2022, they met with their landlord to discuss their space needs. The landlord introduced them to an unfinished warehouse space at the back of the building, brimming with potential. Natalie and Christina decided to roll up their sleeves, along with their supportive husbands, and transform the space themselves to save costs.

In a matter of weeks, this 800-square-foot space became their fully functional product processing and stock area. Their business took off. Through their own health journeys of what brought them together on Rockee Redd Apothecary they used their deep knowledge of herbal benefits and Natalie's background in pre-med and healthcare to continue forming needed products for today’s lacking standard of health in the United States. By July, they were working out of this dedicated space full-time, continually expanding their line of herbal-infused honey and introducing goat milk lotions, soaps, and tinctures to meet their growing clientele's needs.

Their mission extended beyond mere commerce; they were driven by a desire to educate and provide holistic remedies for common ailments related to illnesses, gut health, and hormonal imbalances. With their expertise, they formulated herbal blends to cater to families' unique needs and preferences. 

 The birth of Rockee Redd is a testament to the power of friendship and the potential for life-changing opportunities in the most unexpected places. Their story serves as a reminder that the seeds of a successful business can be sown in the light-hearted conversations between a hairstylist and her client. So, next time you're in the stylist's chair, consider striking up a conversation about your business ideas. Who knows, you might discover a lifelong friend and a transformative business partnership. 

Why Choose Rockee Redd

✓ Proudly Not FDA Approved

✓ Woman Owned

✓ Eco-Friendly Packaging

✓ Small Batch Made

✓ 100% Natural & Organic

Proudly Not FDA Approved

It's no secret the FDA frequently cuts corners in their approval processes in the consideration about what is and isn't "safe". How many times do we need to see drugs being recalled after years of ads declaring their safety and effectiveness? Because of this, and the long list of other reasons, At Rockee Redd, we decided the only administration we trust when it comes to our food and medicines is ourselves and our customers. Becoming sovereign over your health and well being might just be one of the most empowering pivots one can experience. Thank you for trusting us to provide you with preventative measures through our wild crafted products.

Woman Owned

Two full time moms to a crew of eight littles, Natalie and Christina pay close attention to every detail of their children's lives. From non toxic clothing to food that ensures healthy and functional development. You can bet that if a company is woman owned, each and every detail is taken into account. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

This Earth is the only one we've got. How we treat it matters. At Rockee Redd all of our products come in no tox glass and paper packaging to ensure our carbon footprint is low and to bring you a clean and healthy solution to the packaging that homes your products. We encourage you to reuse your bottles to prevent waste and show some extra care for Mother Earth.  

Small Batch Made

If something is so preserved that it lasts forever, odds are it's not good for you. Plain and simple. All Rockee Redd products are handmade in small batches to bring you the highest quality of freshness and provide you solutions that are offered to us through herbs, God's medicine to the earth. 

100% Natural & Organic Ingredients

We have a saying around here: 'If God didn't make it, we don't use it.' This is a line we don't cross and a principle we encourage everyone to consider before using an item, consuming a product, etc. Everything at Rockee Redd is REAL. Period.

The Rockee Redd Team

Meet the passionate individuals (& their favorite products) behind Rockee Redd Apothecary, a team dedicated to crafting premium, all-natural remedies to enhance your well-being and nurture your soul.


Christina Kreitel


Christina was the original creator of Rockee Redd. She created it in 2017 as a fun hobby shop. At the time Rockee Redd. was a way for her to sell random clothing and jewelry. Christina always knew Rockee Redd. would be something big but she didn't know in what way or how. It wasn't until October 2021, that she partnered with her friend Natalie, that it truly became something special. Now, Natalie and Christina are partners and the brains behind Rockee Redd. Christina's story is a colorful and complicated one. How she went from being an internationally recognized hair stylist and educator, to a Clinical Herbalist in training, is quite the rollercoaster and tear jerker. We promise to share this story in full detail soon.


Natalie Lofthouse


Natalie was born and raised in Cache Valley and resides there with her husband Rusty and five littles. She has had the opportunity to live in California, Texas and Mexico and from time to time visits her extended family in Colombia. She’s always found her way back home and has no plans of moving away again. She dreams of buying the family farm, building her dream home and putting down some roots with a full farm co-op and add to their already existing homestead and small cattle ranch. If you could find Natalie anywhere it would be the ocean and the mountains. As a former food blogger she loves cooking from scratch, spending time in nature, getting her hands in the dirt and constantly adventuring on a whim with her children. She adores short getaways with her other half and snowboarding during the Utah winters.  



Customer Support

Hey there, my name is Jenni. I grew up in Cache Valley with four brothers and spent a lot of time outside which formed my deep admiration for the mountains and skiing. In addition to enjoying the outdoors I love sports. The majority of my time is spent with my four kids and husband up in the mountains, traveling, reading and watching my kiddos participate in sports. Natalie and I became good friends when she was helping me remodel my house. We talked a lot about how she owned an apothecary and its products. I was very interested in what she was doing and wanted to be a part of it. She offered me a job and I took it. It’s been a blast! I love Rockee Redd and the many great products offered to help us be more natural in our lives. 


Rusty Lofthouse

Product Creation & Warehouse Manager

Hey, everyone, I'm Rusty. I was born in Cache Valley and raised in the foothills of Avon, Utah on my family's 150-acre farm. I love it here and don't think I could ever leave. I love pretty much all things outdoors and grew up playing every sport I could. I'm a workaholic and have had 2-3 jobs consistently for the last 20 years. Together, we have 5 wonderful kids, and they are our whole world! We love adventuring and spending time together, doing literally anything. Whether it's watching WWE on TV, following the kids in their many sports and activities, snowboarding, camping, and running carefree at the farm. We love it all! I've always supported Nat in everything she does and couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with her and Christina in this space. I'm responsible for product creation, monitoring inventory, and really anything else I can do on the production side of things. I love Rockee Redd and have been amazed at how much it has grown, all the lives it has changed, and am grateful to have a hand in that process. I can't wait to see where the future takes us!


Alyssa Mongelluzzo

Affiliate Manager

Meet Alyssa, Rockee Redd’s Affiliate Manager. She maintains our affiliate & ambassador programs, and is your primary contact if you have interest in becoming apart of the RR team from wherever you are! Alyssa has a huge passion for all things holistic and natural. She owns a home across the country in the New England area where she lives with her three fur babies. Health became her main focus in 2017. August of 2017, Alyssa was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. She was able to successfully find a way out of her diagnosis, holistically. After three years on medicine of manmade thyroid hormone, she took matters into her own hands and reached an optimal health transformation from consuming healthy foods, body movement and positive mindset. She owns a hair salon and is a part time stylist. After being in the industry for 9 years, she has decided to use her voice on social media to share something beyhone hair: HEALTH. Being savvy on social media, having the love that she does for Rockee Redd and her passion for health like all of us crazies, she's the perfect fit for our Rockee Redd team. Alyssa loves hiking with her dogs, enjoys spending time with her extended family, always says yes to sushi dates and likes working out as she was a competitive gymnast for a decade in her younger years.


Emy Dyer

Website + App Manager

Meet Emy Dyer, the creative force behind the RR Network app and the aesthetic brilliance of the Rockee Redd website. As a graphic and web designer in Washington state, Emy lives and breathes design, seamlessly blending her family life as a proud boy mom and wife since 2017 with her passion for all things aesthetic. Beyond her artistic prowess, Emy's connection to the company is deeply personal, intertwining her family's health journey with her professional commitment. Whether she's crafting visually stunning interfaces on her computer or engaging in tickle fights on the living room floor, Emy embodies the perfect fusion of design and life, making her an invaluable asset to the Rockee Redd team.

Behind the Name

Christina was the original creator of this shop. For years it was just a hub for her to make some side money selling jewelry, clothing, etc. Coming up with a name that fully encompassed her drive, her deep love for nature, and a name that could "stand alone" took years. One day she was driving around Southern Utah. Her windows were rolled down and the wind was whipping her hair. She listened to her music and breathed in the scent of sagebrush as a motorcycle passed her on that desert highway. She thought, "I wish I could come up with a name that embodied this moment" when she looked at the red rocks that seemed too grand to even be real. And that's when simple inspiration hit... The Red Rocks... Rocky... Red...Rocky Red... Nah, that's lame... let's Utah this up and change the letters unnecessarily. That's how Rockee Redd was born. It was a name that could be whatever it wanted to be. This is when Christina came up with her original branding with the intention of starting a clothing line.

Soon, however, she realized she had zero passion for clothing. She wanted to help people. After 2020 she moved to Cache Valley, Utah near her friend and previous hair client, Natalie. At this time Christina started studying Herbalism and knowing that Natalie was also a self taught herbalist, decided to ask her to partner up. "I want to start an apothecary with medicines that actually work! You have such amazing gifts of design and organization. Do this with me! I have only one condition. I want to keep the name: Rockee Redd." Natalie agreed and Rockee Redd was completely reconstructed to be what it is now. A brand committed to inspiring change by keeping everything real and simple. If it wasn't for Natalie teaming up with Christina, Rockee Redd would never have become what it is now.   

Marvin McKinney

Founder & CEO

Christina's Journey

Christina noticed a sudden change in her son within a couple of days of his 15 month doctor appointment and routine scheduled vaccines. This resulted in sudden speech delays, hearing loss, and behavioral issues of abrupt anger and irritability. He became violent in action as a young toddler, and Christina knew something was wrong. She took him to the doctor, and they determined that he was showing signs of autism and should be further examined. 

At the time, he was attending a pre-school program, and within a short period of time, his changes became more and more evident. Not only to Christina but the school staff as well. Christina was deep in her hair career at the time and managing a lot between becoming a mother and running her fully staffed salon. 

On one particularly difficult day, the school called Christina and asked to remove her son from the program due to his erratic and violent behavior. Upon her arrival to pick up her son, one educator pulled her aside and asked her some questions before suggesting her belief of him suffering from heavy metal poisoning. Perplexed, Christina asked what that was. The educator went on to tell her that it is something that can be absorbed from our foods, water, environment, or come as a byproduct from vaccines. Immediately Christina thought, ‘Oh boy, she’s one of THOSE people, one of the crazy anti-vaxxers.’

She informed Christina she couldn’t go into this more but suggested that it was a good place to start looking into things further. So began the learning behind vaccine-injured children and heavy metal poisoning. She took to her social media platform of over 140k followers and mentioned what had been brought to her attention while asking if anyone in her community had any insight or experiences with this. She was bombarded with both positive and negative feedback on what she shared.

The negative and hate-filled messages she received were despicable. People threatened her and her children, calling her “dangerous” and filled with “misinformation”. This caused her to become closed off for some time and disappear from her platform in order to go down the rabbit hole and dig deeper. 

In learning how to improve her son's health through foods that are sustainably grown, she made her way to her local farmers market where she met a woman selling lotions, salves, and soaps. Her name was Alicia. She noticed Christina standing there and observing what she was selling. She looked at Christina and asked, “why are you here?”

Hesitant, Christina said that she was trying to help her son improve his behavior through food and she had heard benefits of heirloom produce since she believed her son had been ‘injured.’ Alicia looked her in the eye and said, “he’s vaccine injured, isn’t he? This is what you need to do…” and went on to advise Christina how to improve her son's health and gave her a smoothie recipe to aid in removing heavy metals from the body and help get his old self back.

She implemented her advice and also learned how red dye 40 was in lots of foods and cough medicines. One day her son was sick, and she couldn't find medicine at the store without red dye in it. In experimenting with foods, it became apparent that her son appeared to have higher sensitivities to foods than others. Red 40 was one thing that vastly perpetuated his anger when consumed.

Frustrated that she couldn’t find cough syrup without dye, Christina turned to Alicia to learn how she could help through food, and Alicia gave the idea of an herbal-infused honey to ease his cough and sore throat while offering added benefits to the honey with the herbs. It was created, and it worked! She began cleaning up her son's diet, and within a short few weeks, her son made vast improvements in his mood and speech after nearly 2 years of not speaking since his injury. 

Natalie's Journey

Natalie and her husband spent a weekend away in Park City celebrating their anniversary. One night while they were sitting in the spa, she began experiencing immediate discomfort and a burning sensation of pain in her genital region.

She returned home a couple of days later and went to her gynecologist's office for a visit with no appointment scheduled. She refused to leave until she was seen and waited in the lobby for a couple of hours before being taken back to the exam room.

After her examination, her doctor told her she had never seen anything like it, and that it appeared to be some sort of "flesh-eating bacteria," but that the treatment approach would be to treat it as a bad yeast infection.

After having had numerous tests, undergone antibiotics, steroid creams, and suffered for 2.5 years, she was desperate to receive an answer as to what she had. The itching, pain, and discomfort were so bad that Natalie was in an unstable state of mind.

Her only thought to escape the pain was to not exist, and it was something that she would entertain the thought of often. Her husband worked nights, and there were many times she would imagine going into the garage and starting the car in the early morning hours just before he was to come home so that her babies wouldn't be without watch for long, and she could just fall asleep forever to escape the pain she was stuck in. Being a new mother to three children two years old and under, that wasn't an option.

She had to place ice on her genital area and ice to sleep every single night for two years and would sometimes awake to refill her ice pack in the night to continue alleviating her pain. This impeded heavily on her intimate life, receiving good rest, her ability to be physically active as she had been prior to this, and overall felt like there was no end in sight.

Over two years into this, multiple doctor appointments, antibiotics, creams, and prescriptions, her gynecologist finally told her the only solution to her problem was to undergo a surgical procedure to cauterize all pelvic nerve endings to end the excruciating pain and discomfort that came with the disease.

Only being 26 at the time, Natalie thought it to be insane she had never once been referred to another physician for a second opinion, and several times when the idea of seeing a dermatologist for her skin-related issue was mentioned, her doctor told her "they don't typically do pelvic exams, so they probably wouldn't be much help."

After being presented with a permanent alteration of her body as a solution, Natalie fired her doctor and sought out alternative medical help since she absolutely wasn't going to undergo surgery to essentially have no pelvic sensation at 26 years old.

She traveled an hour and a half south of her hometown to Salt Lake City, Utah to meet with a well-known gynecologist, the late Dr. Paul Summers. He entered her room and swabbed her skin in the affected area, went to the room across the hall and viewed her skin cells under a microscope, returned to the room and informed her she had an autoimmune disease known as Vulvar Lichen Sclerosis.

Lichen sclerosis is a rare skin disease that only affects 1 in 1000 women in the U.S. and typically is only seen in women between 60-80 years of age. It causes scarring of the nerve endings and leaves the skin thin, extremely itchy, and caused abrasions and blisters in Natalie's case. 

Women with VLS monitor it with time as it increases the risk of vulvar cancer by 4%. Natalie's skin would essentially become covered in tiny blisters that would slough off and be exposed raw sores. 

This cycle would repeat almost every 6 weeks, leaving the skin in a permanent state of chaotic frustration, never healing enough to ease the pain.

Dr. Summers went on to tell her that there are no treatments in the US for this disease as many of the recommended therapies for it are not FDA approved. Suggested long-term use of steroids and lidocaine to help somewhat numb the affected area are the main things to help ease VLS.

Natalie took that as a challenge to find a doctor with the available treatment necessary to remedy her issue. Soon after, she traveled as far as Bogota, Colombia with her mother, to meet with doctors about her condition and was faced with a complex therapy approach that would require her to travel to Europe to receive specific prescriptions, then back to Colombia to receive different blood therapies and treatment with these medications to chance getting better.

Similar to the US, there were no available medications in South America to do the treatment with. The doctor she saw in Bogota was in his 70's and told her he had only encountered this specific condition twice in his career of over 40 years. If she would agree to treatment, she would be his 3rd patient to take the chance at getting better if he took her on. Of the two other patients he treated, one had a positive response, the other had none. She was up against 50/50 odds.

She flew home to Utah and faced a decision of going to Europe to get the medications necessary to perform her therapies then meet her mother with her young three children for a summer of treatment in Colombia, or continue on her path of Lichen Sclerosis with little light at the end of the tunnel. 

Natalie felt strongly about meeting with a Dermatologist back home since her condition was skin-related. She did so, and after her examination was able to meet with the two doctors and discuss options further. She underwent allergy testing and did blood work over the course of a week.

PA Jeffery Baugh spent nearly 2 hours with Natalie reviewing her Autoimmune disease and over 60 skin allergies and sensitivities that came back positive from allergy testing. He further discussed how to mitigate her symptoms without medication. It all boiled down to food, soaps, and fabrics.

Some of these changes included steering clear of antibiotics since they perpetuated the issue and essentially caused her body to self-attack, hence why those 2.5 years of antibiotics didn't help in the slightest with what she was dealing with. Foods that also receive antibiotics, hormones, etc also needed to be things she avoided. This included meats, dairy products, eggs, etc.

What she consumed was crucial to fueling her disease or helping it dissipate. Almost overnight, she made the switch to plant-based eating. After 4 days her skin stopped burning and itching for the first time in nearly three years. On day 9, all her skin sores had closed up as well for the first time in nearly 3 years. She was excited about life again and it instilled in her the desire to learn more and continue digging deeper to keep educating herself on nutrition, how to effectively nourish her body, and remove foods that were perpetuating her disease. 

She implemented better food options for her children and husband and learned so much about the things that can help you through balanced meals and herbal remedies. Natalie began practicing yoni steaming with specific herb blends to help rejuvenate her vaginal and reproductive health since she has also dealt with PCOS and Endometriosis through her life. This helped with her skin immensely, and she was able to find relief and peace of mind at last. 

Keep it real. Keep it simple.