Meet Christina

Meet Christina

Christina was the original creator of Rockee Redd. She created it in 2017 as a fun hobby shop. At the time Rockee Redd. was a way for her to sell random clothing and jewelry. Christina always knew Rockee Redd. would be something big but she didn't know in what way or how. It wasn't until October 2021, that she partnered with her friend Natalie, that it truly became something special. Now, Natalie and Christina are partners and the brains behind Rockee Redd.

Christina's story is a colorful and complicated one. How she went from being an internationally recognized hair stylist and educator, to a Clinical Herbalist in training, is quite the rollercoaster and tear jerker. We promise to share this story in full detail soon.

In the meantime, Christina is the mother of three crazy and beautiful children. She is married to her best friend and biggest cheerleader, Clint. They moved to Cache Valley, Utah in 2021 after Natalie showed them their dream property! They sold their house a week later and moved two hours north where they are currently building their dream homestead.

Christina has completely transitioned her hairstyling career to focus on a more holistic and healthy approach. Doing this has started to create "waves" in that community and industry and she is SO READY TO SEE THE CHANGE!

Christina also inherited a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats from her late friend and mentor Alicia. These are the goats that produce all the milk that goes into the soaps and lotions at Rockee Redd. 

Christina loves to cook, silversmith, read, walk, do yoga, hike, and riding her motorcycle named Birdy.

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