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Aphrodisia Honey | LIMITED

Aphrodisia Honey | LIMITED

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Aphrodisia is a beautiful honey that we only drop once per year! It’s our most laborious honey to make and is special for the winter linths to help promote better circulation promoting warmth and also made using a specific herb blend to help support sexual health for both men and women. 

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Raspberry Leaf, Cinnamon, Ashwagandha, Rose, Clove, Nettle 

Unlike other Rockee Redd herbal honeys, Aphrodisia is infused for several weeks with the herbs mentioned above. We then strain out 99% of the herbs before bottling it. This allows for ultimate ease for use and consumption. Whether you enjoy this heart opening honey in your morning coffee or tea, over toast or however else you prefer, it’s guaranteed to elevate your libido and leave you wanting more! 

HIBISCUS: helps lower blood pressure, improving ED, anti cancerous esp in prostrate for men

RASPBERRY LEAF: tones and fortifies uterine walls, promotes fertility for men and women and is high in antioxidants

CINNAMON: increases sexual drive, reduces insulin resistance, lowers blood sugar levels, boosts energy.

Contains manganese, a mineral with documented aphrodisiac effects

ASHWAGANDHA: boosts testosterone levels in men, helps maintain an erection longer (swap out the blue pill) stress reduction, enhances sexual satisfaction

ROSE: spiritually uplifting, reduces stress and anxiety, helping set the mood, high in Vit C, balances Prana Vata which ensures sexual organs respond happily. Great for women getting in the mood.

CLOVE: contains sterols and phenols which improve sexual responsiveness in women, enhances blood flow, decreases inflammation, tumor inhibition great for prostrate health again), awesome source Vit K

NETTLE: maintains erection, can help treat enlarged prostate, collagen boosting, helps women in peri or post menopause to feel that sexual boost, great for balancing hormones


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