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Mental Health Bundle

Mental Health Bundle

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The Ultimate Mental Health Bundle Includes:

Clarity: This formula was created as something that helps for both the here and now symptoms of anxiety and constant distractions as well as prevention of future mental degenerative diseases like Alzheimers, dementia and memory loss leaving you with more mental Clarity and better quality of life. 

Balance: Like Clarity, this is one thing that every woman should have in their daily lineup. Balance helps support your hormonal health but regulating your female menstrual cycle length and flow amount, minimizing cramping and bloat, improving menstrual headaches, lessening hot flashes, improving fertility and alleviating symptoms that come with things like PCOS and Endometriosis.

Lavender Face Cream: This calming face cream combined with the suggested massage helps target meridian points that down regulate your nervous system, promote relaxation and less stress.

Dejunk Your Life: This is the perfect beginning point for you to start leading a low tox lifestyle by implementing change in systems of you home and life that aren’t given much thought. This e-book serves as a step by step guide to hold your hand through implementing permanent changes so you can lead a more whole and happy life. It will be emailed to you! If you haven't received it PLEASE contact
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