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Sleepy Time Tonic (TEST BATCH!)

Sleepy Time Tonic (TEST BATCH!)

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CURRENTLY TESTING! We are designing our Sleepy Time Tonic Recipe and need your help for the Research and Development stage! We have added colloidal silver to this formula to increase shelf life AND boost the Immune System. Please email us at with your thoughts and opinions!

 1.5T yields 120 micrograms of silver or 15ppm (parts per million) 

Great option for those with kids, texture issues, or just needing something quick and on the go

Use: Table 1-3 Tablespoons as needed

Shelf Life: this is where you come in, previous tonics are up to 12 months if refrigerated but since colloidal silver sinks to the bottom and becomes in effective if refrigerated, we are testing to see how long this preserving agent helps the tonics last. Email us to let us know if/when you notice your tonic going rancid if it isn’t already fully consumed by then:) 

Size: 6 fl. oz

 *Not intended for children under 12 months*
INGREDIENTS: Raw Unfiltered Honey, Lavender, Chamomile, Valerian Root, Colloidal Silver, Remineralized Water

-Handmade by Rockee Redd in Providence, Ut-
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